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The most modern greenhouse for growing tomatoes in Slovakia was built near the village of Kameničany which is situated in unspoilt countryside close to the White Carpathians and the Czech-Slovak border.

About Farm

Meet Our staff

We employ local people from Slovakia. Our key employees complete several months of theoretical and practical training in the Netherlands with the best trainers and growers.

About Farm

Taste Our products

We love delicious food – excellent taste is number 1 priority for us. We are constantly searching the World for the tastiest varieties of tomatoes. On principle we collect only naturally ripe tomatoes and deliver them to the shop shelves within a few hours.


We protect nature


We use energy from renewable sources. A modern agricultural biogas plant is the source of heat and electricity for our greenhouse.


We minimize emissions from transportation because we grow tomatoes for customers in the Czech and Slovak Republics.


To protect the plants we use biological pest management.

We save

We collect rainwater and drain water from irrigation and re-use it to irrigate the plants.


The natural substrate in which our plants are planted is composting.